Tuesday, November 24, 2009

USA Today Covers Allentown Housing ...

... and our own Pete Lewnes is quoted in the story. The piece notes that home sales and prices are up in Allentown, and singles out NOTI (north of Tilghman Street, roughly between Jordan and 8th) as a "hot" neighborhood:

Many neighborhoods still have a combination of Victorian and Federal row homes. Buyers looking for an up-and-coming neighborhood are starting to focus on an area known as NOTI (north of Tilghman Street and close to downtown Allentown). It has old industrial buildings that artists are starting to repurpose for studios, galleries and apartments. It also has many brick row homes.

The story closes with Lewnes:

"First-time home buyers can get a great bang for their buck," says Peter Lewnes, program director for the 7th Street Development Committee. "For less than $100,000, they can get in on the ground floor and fix it up the way they want it."

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Praise for Taqueria Los Amigos

Lehigh Valley Lexicon had a "heavenly experience" at Taqueria Los Amigos, the bright-walled Mexican place on Seventh near Liberty Street. The clincher? $1 tacos. "Everything we tasted was delicious and authentic." Adds Lexicon: Seventh Street is "probably the liveliest street in all of Allentown."

Monday, November 2, 2009

New Restaurant on Seventh!

Rincon Liniero (548 N. 7th Street) has just opened in the old Century Cafe space at Seventh and Allen. For the moment, all signage for the new Dominican eatery states, in a Seinfeld vein, "Restaurant." (The new restauranteurs have simply rubbed off their predecessor's name.) I haven't had a chance to sample the cuisine, but will upload a scanned menu soon. Rincon Liniero (610-433-9450) is open daily 7:30am to 9pm. Restaurants within one block in either direction: Winston's, Sweet Italian Pizza, Casa Latina, Happy Garden, and Taqueria Los Amigos.