Monday, January 21, 2008

"Implementing Better Models for Development in the Lehigh Valley"

From Renew Lehigh Valley:
Mark your calendar for an important and informative community program!

On Thursday, January 24, Ed McMahon - a Senior Fellow at the Urban Land Institute - will give a presentation on “Implementing Better Models for Development in the Lehigh Valley.” The program runs from 6:30 - 8:30 P.M. at Allentown’s Symphony Hall. (Please see the attached flyer for program details and contact information.)

The sprawling development that is devouring our open space, increasing traffic congestion and handicapping efforts to revitalize our cities and boroughs is fostered by flawed land-use management practices. The development model that has been the norm in the Lehigh Valley perpetuates this detrimental pattern of development.

Improving land-use practices requires a concerted effort in each of our regions 62 municipalities. Although the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission (LVPC) provides guidance for municipalities and can incorporate smart growth measures into its comprehensive plan for the Lehigh Valley, land-use decisions are ultimately up to each municipality. If municipality chooses to ignore the LVPC’s comprehensive, that is their prerogative. Changes in land-use practices must occur at the municipal level.

The responsibility for implementing better models for development in the Lehigh Valley rests on our municipal leaders. This program will better inform you on the changes needed so you can let your local leaders know that you want action.

The program is being hosted by Lehigh and Northampton Counties, Lehigh Valley Planning Commission, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor, The Conservation Fund and the Wildlands Conservancy.

Please join us on January 24, and be sure to pass this along to anyone who might be interested in attending.

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