Sunday, July 5, 2009

New bike shop opens on 7th Street


I heard a rumor about a new bike shop on 7th Street, which I dismissed as wishful hearing. But there it was, on the 100 block--open on July 4th: Madera Bicycle, at 45 N. 7th. I have an old bike I have been meaning to dig out and return to the streets, so I stopped by later in the afternoon. The owner, Juan Madera, had been part-owner of a Manhattan bike shop for 20 years, he said. (A photo of him and Jennifer Lopez is on the wall, complete with a bike he says he fixed for her.) He's extremely nice, and tuned up my bike (and replaced inner tube) in just one day--for only $50.

Madera Bicycle
45 N. 7th St.



Joyce Marin said...

Now you'll need to join other Allentown cyclists who are organizing rides from the Ritz at the Allentown Farmers Market on Friday nights. I'll need to circle back with the time.

Anonymous said...

he is actually really nice and cheap