Thursday, August 13, 2009

Facade work begins on Mexican Grill


La Mexicana Grill, perhaps the Lehigh Valley's best Mexican restaurant, is starting its much-needed facelift, courtesy of the Seventh Street Development Committee.


petelewnes said...

2 dare you make me think of mexican food while in greece...MMMM...i need a double quacamole when i get back and I love the fact that someone is sitting on the stairs while work is getting done!

thanks for the post...this will be a special facade for sure!


Bernie O'Hare said...

Best? Better than Cactus Blue? I think not.

petelewnes said...

where is this cactus blue? I must try and make my decision! at least i can walk down the block to la mexicana grille...mmm...there I go thinking about mexican food again while away!

capri said...

Trying to compare La Mexicana and Cactus Blue is like trying to compare Tamarindo vs. Toronja - both are delicious, but hard to compare. I prefer La Mexicana though, and I'll tell you I could eat a few orders of flautas right about now. mmmm!

Anonymous said...

Did someone forget La Placita? Goodness.