Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Maxed Out Planter Project on 7th

Following up on our successful planter project last year, 7th Street was able to find large concrete planters on sale at the end of the season. ANDA youth group partnered up with the BAUM School of Art and engaged help of kids from the St Luke's Neighborhood Center and Boys and Girls Club to create 8 new uber colorful mosaic planters.

A team of volunteers will be planting today and the planters should be out by this weekend - if you'd like to help - and we can always use your help, please call Kathleen Kapila at 610-433-5703.

The BAUM School is hosting a photo exhibition of this project starting Thursday, July 8 from 6-8 PM which is open to all.

The planters will be placed in front of storefronts along the 7th Street corridor to continue the greening of 7th Street projects. Along with the 18 planters last year, 7th Street has planted 36 new shade trees and planted a kiosk garden near Little Apple Supermarket this year.

Special thanks to KNBT Bank and PPL for providing funding for this project. To find out more on what's happening on 7th, look us up at or find us on facebook.


Anonymous said...

These are so beautiful, I don't have words to express how great they are. Who are the artists?

petelewnes said...

they are Peter Max inspired but the lead artist was Heather Sincavage from the Baum School and Banana Factory leading on a fantatic youth group from the St Luke's Neighborhood Center and the Boy's and Girl's Club on 7th. Rudy Ackerman from the Baum also got in on the action confirming that he's just a big kid at heart.