Friday, May 30, 2008

Flowers And Fleas

I just received a really fun video made during the Old Allentown Preservation Association's 17th annual Flower and Flea market.

this event was the first time 7th street was invited to participate and on a cold and dreary day in early May some old friends met with new friends and alot of junk er treasures traded hands. The flowers were part Elm Street's Safe Clean and Green's Christian Brown and part 7th street's newest florists - Paradise Floral Design.

all in all it was a great way to enjoy life in center city Allentown and a nice way to meet are going to have to make it earlier next year m'dear :)


Sarina said...

Hey Peter,

Good to see you at Chen on Saturday. I was happy to see the crowd at Art N Soul afterwards, too. I hope they thrive. Keep us posted on shows coming up there!

Mrs. Dottie said...

Hi Pete,

Neat video. I noticed Alani doing caricatures. Have you heard from him? He was not at our last meeting at Chen.

I went to ArtN Soul too, and we ran into my stepson who was skateboarding. I think it's a great place, but they definitely have their scene going on, and I think CHen-Arts needs their own scene. I thought the artwork was too high up on the walls too.

Hope to see you at Greg's for our next meeting.

Mrs. ;D

petelewnes said...

hey have not seen him at all.