Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How Sweet it Is

Back in ancient times--before the untimely demise of the Old Fairgrounds Blog--I used to regularly complain about a plywood eyesore on 7th. Photos, letters back and forth from Allentown's code department and the owner: I posted all of it, to no avail. I gave up.

What a difference a year or two makes. That sickly monument to blight is no longer. In its place: a fully decked out Sweet Italian Pizza, fresh off a facade makeover directed, as always, by the redoubtable Pete Lewnes. The before-and-after shots would make Mark Mendelson blush:

If you haven't visited yet, stop by the home of the four foot calzone. And check out the other facade makeovers--finished and in progress--at the 7th Street site.


Sarina said...

Nice work! I was driving down 7th a few weeks ago and did a double take when I saw that place. It looks so inviting. And sure enough, the place was packed.

T said...

Wow that's a great makeover. I'll have to give the restaurant a try.