Sunday, January 11, 2009

Seventh Street Featured in the Morning Call!

The Morning Call's popular Retail Watch column featured the new hubbub of Seventh Street today in a lengthy overview of new establishments:

Allentown's Seventh Street has been undergoing a lot of changes.

If you've been cruising with the flow of traffic on the busy corridor, you may not have noticed.

I had to take a slower pace and study the changes in greater detail. The area has been undergoing a lot work on the retail front in recent months, with some new businesses added, in addition to some existing ones getting facelifts.

Business reporter Tyrone Richardson, who writes the column, went on to describe the new Jamaican eatery, Winston's, at 619 7th St.--which we posted about previously.


Richardson doesn't indicate if he tried the jerk chicken ($8)--but we did, and it's superb.

The Call article goes on to describe some other new arrivals on 7th Street, including La Cocina Restaurant, which (at 37 N. Seventh St.) is in the former Paul's Gyros space.

The facade grant program, directed to high acclaim by Seventh Street's Main Street Manager Peter Lewnes, is also highlighted in the column.


Mrs. Dottie said...

Great News!I have mentioned this and other positive things about 7th St. at my post "We Like Downtown Allentown" at the LV Somebody blog. Do you know anything about the Fried Chicken restaurant on 7th? We were driving by and noticed it.

Sarina said...

I'm glad to hear Winston's has good food. I'd like to stop in there eventually.

Just recently I walked by La Cocina and checked out their menu. The chef tried to wave me in, but I was on a mission elsewhere. It looked cute and inviting inside. I plan on returning to try the pork sandwich.

petelewnes said...

hey there...the fried chicken place has been there for a while but is under new management from the people that had nixx's jamaican's now fried chicken and jamaican. Winston is an amazingly nice guy and i have to say i went in there one day and was overwhelmed with how good everything smelled...clean CLEAN kitchen...I haven't stopped by La Cocina yet...they need a facade...would be cute to restore that building back to it's 40's splendor...going to check out the other post on LVS Blog :)

Joyce Marin said...

My household is on a campaign to try every little ethnic eatery within a couple of blocks of our apartment. There are so many Spanish restaurants, the food is so good, and they are easy on your wallet, too. It's not new, but our latest favorite is Cuchifrito's on 7th Street for the Shrimp with Garlic. It makes me hungry to think of it!

Sarina said...

A friend of mine likes El Rey del Mofongo on Hamilton btw 9th/10th, and of course, it's cheap. I really like Las Palmas at 10th and Turner. The Cuban sandwiches are killer!