Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Offensive/Earth Day (Allentown, PA)

7th Street will be celebrating earth day and conducting their Spring Offensive on the same day. Happening that day, April 25, 2009, will be the placement of cafĂ© seating at the local restaurants, planters along the street, and much more. The 7th street youth will be on hand to debut their Bernie’s Bike Brigade, an artistic combination of bicycles and papier mache in honor of beloved community leader and horticultural specialist Bernadette Cozart. Ms. Cozart is one of the coordinators for the Spring Offensive activities. Also appearing on this day will be a giant puppet named “Vera”, a new spring presence. Come join in on the festivities and roll your sleeves up. Activities begin at 10 am and wrap up at 3pm. There will also be music by a local performer, to be announced later.

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