Thursday, April 16, 2009

Allentown...we're listening...

folks...a last minute fyi...7th street is going to be on the radio this evening - the information is as follows:
WDIY – April 19 – Valley Venue 88.1 FM Host: Sally Handlon,
“Focus on Allentown….what’s new and happening in downtown”
Guests: Peter Lewnes, Main Street Manager
Rebecca (Becky) Goff –new resident, young professional - Head of Promotions
Dorcis DeRivera – resident over 30 years was going to be there but she's sick today :(

We'll be covering everything from the Main Street program's history, to our accomplishments, covering the upcoming Spring Offensive starting on Earth Day as well as visualizing what 7th will be 3 years from now!
Call Ins are allowed!
special thanks to Miriam Huertas from the Chamber for thinking of us and arranging this!

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Joyce Marin said...

Peter, is this the radio you were on? I haven't seen a radio like that since pictures of FDR's fireside chats. I missed it but heard that your interview went great. Great picture.